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A Reinvented Credit Score Experience

Five Patents Granted


Address Errors and Questions Directly

Instantly communicate directly with 60,000+ creditors and financial institutions.



See exactly what is helping or hurting your credit score with Action buttons to address issues.



Get your best score before you apply for credit. See how spending affects your score with a personalized plan to quickly add points to your credit score.


Visualize Future Loan Offers

See the benefits of your future credit score.

Reinvented Experience

See the Impact

Over 4,000,000 people have joined. Watch a member’s experience using SmartCredit®—one of our platform brands.


“Working with SmartCredit®, my credit score has increased 266 points. That’s amazing!”

Maria Ramos, SmartCredit® Member

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A SimpleAll-in-One App

Streamlining How People Control Their Credit, Money, and Privacy

  • All your credit scores, including a hiring index
  • Simplified 3-Bureau Report & Scores
  • Actions buttons to fix errors and ask questions
  • Fun tools to get your best credit score
  • Connect your online banking, credit cards, investments, and more
  • Control your online and offline privacy
  • Insure the whole household against identity fraud

Money in One Place

Online Banking, Credit Cards, Investments, and More

  • Ask questions and resolve problems directly with financial institutions.
  • See transactions, payments due, spending trends, and credit utilization.
  • Get instant statements whenever you want.
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Greater Online Privacy

How It Works

  • Receive continuous scans of data broker websites that are selling your personal information.
  • A simple swipe instructs the data broker website to remove and stop selling your personal information.
  • Get notified when the data broker website has removed your personal information.

Whole Household Fraud Insurance

Coverage Overview

  • $0 Deductible
  • Lost wages and attorney fees due to fraud
  • Stolen ID, passport, driver’s license recovery expenses
  • Pre-existing unknown ID fraud
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David B. Coulter, Founder & CEO