Privacy as a Service

Engage Your Customers to Protect Their Private Info

Find, remove, and monitor your customers private info that's being exposed on Data Broker websites without their knowledge.

Increases your customer engagement & LTV*

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Customers Can Easily Stop Their

Private Info from Being Sold


Scan & Identify

Automatic and frequent scans to identify data broker and people finder sites selling their info.



Your customers can see what private info is being sold. They can remove, keep, or say “not me”.



Easily request a removal of the private info being sold.


Monitor & Alert

We monitor data broker and people finder websites and alert your customers when the information is removed, or if it re-appears.

Improve Your Product Monetization

Increase Customer LTV*

Customize the features you want with unlimited pricing strategies and campaign-specific reporting.

Drive Continuous Engagement

Leverage our signup and reporting APIs to create custom enrollment pages and reports.

Show Tangible Results

Use our Chase Orbital merchant processing for lower fees, reduced chargeback costs, and 24–48 hour direct deposits.

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improve your monetization

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Privacy as a Service Sandbox Testing

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* Based on ConsumerDirect’s user experience. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.