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Trusted since 2003, ConsumerDirect® builds unique and patented technologies that are integrated into 10,000+ partner sites to help consumers control their credit, money, and privacy.

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About ConsumerDirect®

We are a group of fun and creative people with a culture of communication and inclusion. Our free flow of ideas are constantly adding to our mission of helping people we don't even know achieve their full financial potential and have more privacy.

We started in 2003 by creating and patenting a core technology that enables consumers to interact directly with their banks, creditors, and other institutions using a simple button. This new centralized way for consumers to quickly resolve problems and ask questions without the need to write letters, make phone calls, send emails, or use a chatbot has revolutionized the industries that we service.

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Patented Technology

As a passionate and driven company, we continue to create new and innovative technologies to help us more fully realize our mission.

To emphasize our technological excellence, we’ve been granted four patents to protect the uniqueness and power of our services.

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Pat. #:11,232,480

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Pat. #:8,285,613

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Pat. #:7,877,304

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Pat. #:7,818,228

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We're Connected with the Best

We connect with 60,000+ financial institutions, utilities, and creditors to make our patented Action button fast and easy.

Ask us more about this, we love to brag.

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Careers at ConsumerDirect®

ConsumerDirect® is a fast-growing company looking for people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our team. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned worker, we want you to apply today!

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Cartoon David B. Coulter, Founder & CEODavid B. Coulter, Founder & CEO

David B. Coulter

CEO & Chief Product Officer

Cartoon Matt Lasov, Chief Strategy OfficerMatt Lasov, Chief Strategy Officer

Matt Lasov

Chief Strategy Officer

Cartoon Chris Peery, Chief Technology OfficerChris Peery, Chief Technology Officer

Chris Peery

Chief Technology Officer

Cartoon Mee Pineda, Chief Operating OfficerMee Pineda, Chief Operating Officer

Mee Pineda

Chief Operating Officer

Cartoon Steve Reger, Executive Vice President of SalesSteve Reger, Executive Vice President of Sales

Steve Reger

Executive Vice President of Sales

Cartoon Jimena Cortes, Vice President of Product PartnershipsJimena Cortes, Vice President of Product Partnerships

Jimena Cortes

Vice President of Product Partnerships

Cartoon Theo Schrock, Chief Data ScientistTheo Schrock, Chief Data Scientist

Theo Schrock

Chief Data Scientist

Cartoon Vannak Payabyab, ControllerVannak Payabyab, Controller

Vannak Payabyab


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“Our platform will increase your conversions, get you better lifetime value, and truly useful opt-in consumer data.”

David B. Coulter, Founder & CEO