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About ConsumerDirect®

We are a financial technology company whose mission is to give power back to American consumers with interactive tools to help them better control their credit, money, and privacy.

Through our flagship product, SmartCredit®, we help Americans understand their unique credit score drivers and then take action to rapidly maximize their score for greater financial freedom that can save them thousands of dollars on their biggest purchases.

For people who already have a good score and want to protect what they’ve worked so hard to attain, we offer privacy, identity, and scam assistance services through our product Hogo®.

We have saved over 329,186 people an average of $8,808 in just their auto and mortgage purchases while consumer subscribers of our services.1

Company Highlights

$88MM in Revenue over the Last 12 Months (up 18% YoY) while boot strapped. We have no VC or PE investments.



Addressing consumers with $130B+ of annual mispriced financial products2 that can save thousands by improving their scores before applying



Help the 92 Million Americans with a credit score under 700 by empowering them to take control of their credit score3
Opportunity to help all American adults with their credit, money, and privacy



Helping customers save $2.9B on loan interest to-date (average of $8,808/consumer subscriber) on just their auto and mortgages1


Sustainable Growth

56% partner-based net revenue growth4 (2019-Sept 2023); predictable future growth from core business with multiple levers to accelerate growth



Attractive unit economics and strong internal disciplines has allowed us to be profitable for many consecutive years without any institutional capital. No VC’s or PE money invested.



Highly recurring, partner subscription-based revenue with 100%+ net revenue retention5



Extensive distribution with 4,000+ active partners that economically signup customers, leading to a LTV/CAC ratio of 8.4X6



Patented purpose-built, proprietary technology with sophisticated algorithms and seamless integration with partners and other parties. We have 5 granted patents covering the Future Credit Score and our Action Buttons direct to the source. Plus, 12 more patents pending. Over 14 registered trademarks



Unparalleled consumer profile created from credit reports, online banking connections, 60,000+ connections direct to the source for actions, interactive behavior, partners and predictive modeling leveraging nearly 3,000 data points per consumer subscriber



Mission-driven leadership team with broad expertise, track record of innovation, and proven ability to execute

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“We give power back to American consumers with tools to help them better control their credit, money, and privacy in one place”

David B. Coulter, Founder & CEO