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Get greater lending engagement from your members by integrating our future credit score technology and privacy widget.

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Close More Loans with Less Risk

Your members want better loan offers and myLONA makes it easy to identify future borrowing potential and begin planning for it.

Here's How myLONA Works

When your members login, they don't just see their credit score, they see loan options based on their current score and are encouraged to add points for better offers

Our patented technology generates a precise plan for the member to quickly achieve their future credit score.

Having acheived their future credit score, members choose from the best possible loan offers.

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Close more loans

Members Protect Their Online and Offline Data with Our Privacy Widget

Give members the ability to remove their personal information from data broker websites directly through your platform. Includes ongoing scanning and monitoring.

Privacy Master

Quick Integration

Select One or Both Options Based on Your Preference


Securely integrate myLONA features into your websites using our open APIs allowing you to customize your members’ experience.

Privacy Widget

Add the ability to stop data broker websites from selling personal information to your members’ experience.

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Private Sandbox Testing

Start Testing and Planning Your Integration Today

Simulate offers, users, and transactions while using developer guides, tutorials, and your integration manager to get started quickly.

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myLONA educates your members on how their credit score changes. It also teaches them to use their credit and money more efficiently thereby helping reduce your lending risk.”

David B. Coulter, Founder & CEO