Building Smart Financial Partnerships

Robust consumer data and patented technology fuels partnerships with major financial institutions.

ConsumerDirect enables small business or enterprise level partners in the financial services sector to offer our complete suite of money, credit, and identity protection products to their customers.

ConsumerDirect’s domestic call centers provide account assistance, customer retention, and support.

Co-Brand & Private Label
Our fully licensable Module can be co-branded in just minutes. Without a costly development cycle, we can feature our business or enterprise level affiliate partner’s trusted logo and branding, enabling partners to offer our unique suite of products to their customers.

We also build private labels and are very proud of our Module called We are also a designated strategic partner of TransUnion.

Partner Products
Our Platform provides lead generating sales tools and pre-screened data to business and enterprise-level partners who offer loans and credit products to their customer.

One popular Module is our gift card program giving our partners a tool (usually a $50 co-branded gift card representing 3 months free in a co-branded version enticing to purchase the partners products or services.

Create Qualified Borrowers
Our Platform makes customers proactively aware and empowered to resolve money & credit issues with the click of a button, resulting in savings and better credit scores along with improved financial behavior.

Our Platform has big data derived from consumer money and credit behaviors. This data is available to our partners with full consumer opt-in permission. This robust data can help our partners offer better credit products, even to those previously declined.

Over 30,000 Action button partners and growing