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SmartCredit.com Wows Consumers with Unique Features


Action Buttons
Fully integrated money, credit, and identity alerts – All-in-one. Members get piece of mind from custom Action Alerts sent directly to their smart phone, notifying them of threats bank accounts, credit cards, credit report and identity such as low balance alerts, ATM use, bank transactions, payments due, credit score changes, suspicious activity including misuse of name, social security, and other personal info. They simply push a button to respond.

Smart Credit Report
More than just a credit credit, its the first horizontal credit report and the first interactive credit report. Users get a data-rich view of their credit universe that tells the story behind their credit situation. Users are empowered to interact with creditors by the simple click of a button.

Live ID Alerts
We are the pioneers helping consumers stop identity theft and fraud with a single button communication direct to the source for either transactions or credit related items. Included in membership, Alerts are sent directly to your smart phone that notify you of suspicious behavior affecting your bank accounts, credit cards, and financial security. If someone applies for credit under your name, our exclusive action button can stop the application dead in its tracks.

Money Manager
Included in membership, Money Manager gives users total control over bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, loans and investments accounts all in one place. With active transaction alert s, users get piece of mind knowing their financial universe is guarded 24/7 against suspicious account activity, low balances, rapid withdraw attacks, and more.