A Platform that powers simplicity

Pushing a button is better than calling, writing or waiting for business hours


Interactive Technology
Our patented Platform makes comm- unication with a button easy for both consumers and financial institutions.

We built a simple platform for consumers to manage their money, credit and identity. Our enabling technology puts consumers in control of everything, with Action buttons fully integrated to over 30,000 financial institutions.

We are a known and trusted hub for financial institutions receiving communication from their customers. They answer with a button. They use our Platform because it saves them time and money.

Products & API's
Business partners use our Products and API's for co-brands, private labels, prospecting tools and opt-in big data.

Our Platform provides compelling sales data and pre-screened status to business and enterprise-level partners offering loans and credit products to their customer.

Financial Instutitions use our Creditor Highway Module to reply to their customer requests.

Sold direct to consumers at SmartCredit.com or via co-branded, private-label partners, ConsumerDirect offers the most competitive suite of money, credit and identity Products and API's.

We support our customers and partner sales with tenacious customer service and support, sales incentives, free trials, and special offers.

We are able to co-brand our entire SmartCredit.com Module for a partner in less than 15 minutes and without anyone from IT.


David B. Coulter is the founder and C.E.O. of ConsumerDirect. His vision to make the financial world interactive and simple is the driving force behind the Company's technologies. He is also the Chief Software Architect of the Company.

ConsumerDirect has partnered with America’s favorite money coach and best selling novelist, Jean Chatzky to build The Jean Chatzky Score Builder tool. This is a 120 day step-by-step program that helps people with their credit score.

ConsumerDirect has also partnered with Mint.com blogger and contributor for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, John Ulzheimer - to provide members with expert guidance.

Patented platform

Segmented Technology