ConsumerDirect Board Of Directors

David B. Coulter
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Chairman Of The Board

A veteran entrepreneur, innovator, and software architect, David founded ConsumerDirect in 2003 after discovering an error on his credit report that prevented him from buy his first home. In this new position, he leveraged his background in software engineering to empower consumers to control their finances, credit, and identity by creating

David’s entry in to credit management began as the founder and CEO of Junum, Inc. in 1999, later taking it public and earning a peak market value of $240 million in 2001. ConsumerDirect purchased the assets of Junum in 2004.

Previously, he founded and developed eSAT, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a peak market value of $350 million in 1998. 

Personally, David has a passion for dogs and supports the ASPCA; he’s a distance cyclist for Multiple Sclerosis charities with an intellectual eye for compelling science fiction.

Eric Taylor
Board Member

Currently, Eric is retired, serving in an advisory capacity and on boards of several corporations, focused on philanthropy.

Eric has been an accomplished business executive and entrepreneur, with over 35 years of global experience in electronic design, manufacturing and sales. He founded and co-founded five successful companies and participated in a successful IPO of a conglomeration of electronic companies. Eric’s most recent large corporate start-up was in the field of digital video and security, reaching wholesale revenues of over $90M before being sold and integrated into General Electric.

Since retiring from corporate America in 2003, Eric has advised startups and smaller companies and has served on several boards. He moved to Hawaii in 2005, and his primary focus is in philanthropy. (See Eric subsequently started four successful small businesses in Hawaii which are now contributing significantly to the philanthropic enterprise. He is also still active in several companies in an advisory role. He’s been married 42 years with 4 great children.

Rachelle Alexander
Board Member

Rachelle is a veteran of Custom Support and Customer Retention strategies, with over 20 year of experience that includes general Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales and Management. Since joining ConsumerDirect in 2004, she has strategically scaled the company’s ability to serve its increasing number of customers, by developing and training two additional call centers and developing a central Call Center in the company’s Southern California headquarters.

Rachelle oversees all aspects of the customer service department, including inbound and outbound calls, email response and reporting.

Jimena Cortes
Board Member

Jimena Cortes is a marketing consultant specializing in LinkedIn lead generation and search engine optimization, she is a published author, international speaker and entrepreneur who is the founder of Wizard Media and Linked Blueprint. Wizard Media helps businesses generate leads using the power of Google and LinkedIn.

Since 2012, Jimena has taught over 4,000 people world-wide how to market online and has worked with multi-million dollar companies on their online marketing campaigns.

George “Kurt” Artecona
Board Member

Kurt is the founder of based in Tallahassee, Florida.  He is also the CEO of Rocket Daddy, Inc., an internet technology & marketing company, and the author of Money Matters, a book on practical solutions for money problems. Kurt is the proud father of three children